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Monday, May 3, 2010

Michael Jackson recorded an album of 12 new tracks in November 2007

The King of Pop may be dead, but his music just got a new lease on life.
It turns out Michael Jackson recorded a new album of previously unreleased songs in the fall of 2007, Showbiz411.com reports.
The late musician spent three months in New Jersey with Eddie (Angel) Cascio, with whom he recorded the 12 new tracks.
Three of the titles on the album include "Breaking News," "Burn Tonight" and "Water," which can reportedly be heard in the recently released documentary "This Is It."
Cascio, 28, is the son of Dominick and Connie Cascio, who were friends with Jackson since the 1990s. The family has frequently visited Katherine Jackson's home since the King of Pop's death.
The Cascio family even contributed a message to the booklet handed out at Jackson's memorial service in July of last year.
‘We promise to always remain “The First Family of Love," ‘ it said. "WE THANK YOU and will love you FOREVER and ALWAYS. ANGEL ‘Dr.Heat’ Cascio and the Cascio Family."
The Jackson estate recently signed a deal with Sony to re-release previously recorded music, but the agreement does not include new material.
The news comes on the heels of Jackson's "Thriller" video being voted as the most influential in pop music history in a MySpace poll.