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Monday, June 8, 2009

Geri Halliwell romancing Henry Beckwith

Geri Halliwell has a habit of plunging into new relationships - and she's in deep again. The former Spice Girl GERI HALLIWELL certainly appears to have spiced up with Henry Beckwith’s life.

Sporting a Persil-white bikini, the flame-haired songbird straddled her hunky socialite fella while the pair spent some quality time together in Italy.

Wearing a skimpy white bikini, 36-year old Geri and Henry, who is a cousin of socialite Tamara, were snapped cuddling and cavorting on an Italian sunshine break.

The lovebirds have filled much of their Sardinian break locking lips and even tickled each other’s tonsils in the pool at their plush resort.

Then again, Geri has never been shy – and the image of her inspecting her downstairs area, is further proof of that. It’s good to see her happy, but I hope it lasts this time.

Geri Halliwell checks her vagina

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Anonymous said...

Still looks as gorgeous as ever , complete wanking material .I just want to fuck her for years on end .great tits lovely pussy what more does a man want ?.

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